Ikwe Crisis Line: 1-800-362-3344   |    Provincial Crisis Line: 1-877-977-0007

Warning Signs:

Someone Who Is Abusive Might...

Put the other person down

Show jealousy and controlling behaviour

Act like they own their partner and are superior to their partner

Cut their partner off from family and friends

Monitor their partner’s online activities, cell phone usage, or location

Contact Ikwe Widdjiitiwin

P.O. Box 1056
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3C 2X4

Provincial Crisis Line: 1-877-977-0007
Ikwe Crisis Toll Free: 1-800-362-3344

We are a registered charity with the Canada Revenue Agency, and we can accept donations to the Charitable Tax # 118966407RR0001.

If you are in need of Shelter Services please call the Toll Free Line: 1-800-362-3344

**Please note that this email is not monitored 24/7 and is not intended for crisis support services**

For Employment and Volunteer Opportunities please send your resume, with three work references, Criminal Record Checks, Child Abuse Registry Checks, and Adult Abuse Registry Checks to HRcommittee@ikwe.ca

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