Ikwe Crisis Line: 1-800-362-3344   |    Provincial Crisis Line: 1-877-977-0007

Warning Signs:

Someone Who Is Abusive Might...

Put the other person down

Show jealousy and controlling behaviour

Act like they own their partner and are superior to their partner

Cut their partner off from family and friends

Monitor their partner’s online activities, cell phone usage, or location

Our Programs

  • Provides 24 hours crisis intervention
  • Counselling
  • Information and referral services on a 24 hour, 7 days a week basis to individuals experiencing domestic violence and help understanding the dynamics of the cycle of violence
  • To arrange access to shelter service
  • 30 day shelter program for women and children fleeing an abusive intimate partner relationship
  • Individual and group counseling
  • Assistance with accessing affordable housing, medical and legal services
  • Advocacy and referral services
  • Access to cultural ceremonies
  • Protection Orders
  • Wisdom Tutoring program (school age children grades K-8)
  • Individual and group counselling
  • To empower children who have been affected by domestic violence
  • To encourage children to express their feelings in safe and secure environment
  • To help mom’s and children safety plan
  • To provide a safe and secure environment for children to learn to practice resolving disagreements in a non-aggressive manner
  • Ikwe Widdjiitiwin offers a limited number of furnished suites available as an interim housing option
  • Housed within the shelter these units provide the opportunity to develop independent living skills and connect with the community in a safe and supported manner
  • Interim housing residents receive all services mentioned within the Follow up Services area including : individual counselling, weekly women’s support group, home visits, advocacy, referrals, safety planning, etc.
  • Individual counselling and supports
  • Weekly group counselling where you can have the opportunity to meet and connect with other women in a safe and supportive setting. Relevant topics are discussed and you will get information and resources in areas such as: domestic violence issues, anger, budgeting, building healthy relationships, parenting issues, life skills and many more.
  • Advocacy
  • Referrals
  • Home visits once you are residing in the community
  • Safety planning
  • Assistance with obtaining Protection Orders
  • The Ikwe Widdjiitiwin Outreach team is available to offer presentations and information on Domestic Violence and related issues and topics within the community at large. Agencies, schools and community groups are encouraged to contact Ikwe Widdjiitiwin and request Outreach services for presentations / informational sessions at community events or for professional development training for agency staff.
Housing Support Services
  • Support with housing searches
  • Advocacy
  • Transportation for viewings 
  • Connection with long term resources